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Registration is now open for 2017 Fall Little League. Traditionally, organized by grade, we are running Fall Little League baseball programs for children in Grades PK/K (provided that only PKs born before 8/31/2013 are eligible to play), thru 7th, (provided that only 7th graders who will not have turned 13 years old prior to 5/1/2005 are eligible to play).  As we have done in prior Fall seasons, we will combine certain grades to ensure that there are enough players and teams of substantially equivalent talent for the season.  ***In addition, this Fall season we are going to experiment with giving players/families in certain grades an option regarding the league in which they would participate.  While we view Little League as an opportunity for to play with their peers in their grade, we also aim to create competitive balance and improve player development.  This priority coupled with the Little League age change happening in 2018, has led us to decide to offer this optionality.   No evaluations or tryouts are required for Fall Little League baseball.  Players are only allowed to sign-up for one league.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email David Goldshore at .

If your child is playing Westport Youth Travel baseball this Fall, there is no requirement for your child also to play Fall Little League Baseball however those players are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Fall Little League baseball program.


**Based on expected numbers we plan on offering the following Little League Programs in the Fall.


CAP: (Grades PK-2): Designed for the child who is new to baseball or evolving beginner player.  Tee-Ball progressing to Coach Pitch. 6-8 Games will be about an 1- 1 ½ hours long and the score will not be kept.  Weekly practice. Click HERE to register!


A Ball: (Grade 2-3): Designed for the child who has played CAP ball in the past and is ready for real game competition.  6-8 Games (first 3-4 will be full machine pitch and last 3-4 will be ½ kid pitch and ½ machine pitch) on a 46/60 Little League Field. Scores/records will be kept and a single championship game and 3rd place game will culminate the regular season.  Weekly practice.  Click HERE to register!


AAA (Grades 4-6, and Board Approved 7th graders): Regardless of Grade, this program is designed for the child who an evolving player who is looking for the next level of Little League.  6-8 Games will be kid-pitch on a 46/60 Little League Field.  Scores/records will be kept and a single championship game and 3rd place game will culminate the regular season. Weekly practice. Click HERE to register!!


Majors 46/70: (Grades 5-7): Designed for the child who has played in Majors or Competitive Travel Ball in the past and is looking for a competitive but light fall schedule.  6-8 Games will be played on a 46/70 Intermediate Field with leading.  Scores/records will be keep and a single championship game and 3rd place game will culminate the regular season. No weekly practice. CLICK HERE to register!


If you have already registered your child and is eligible for the optionality described above, please send an email to with the league they will play in.




Little League

There is one game per week on Saturdays.  The season is expected to begin on Saturday, September 9 and end on Saturday, October 28.   Practices will take place on a day and time selected by your child’s coaches.

 The anticipated game time schedule for each grade (subject to combinations of grades as discussed above) for the 2017 Fall baseball season is as follows (all games Saturday):



Game Day/Time



Sat 1:15 pm to 3:15 pm

A Ball


Sat 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm



Sat 11:15 pm to 1:15 pm



Sat 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm










Game times are subject to change based on registration levels and other conflicts which may necessitate a change to our schedule. 

Teams are expected to be selected and announced during the week of August 28.  Team practices will be scheduled by coaches once teams are selected.  When registering, please note potential conflicts in your child’s Fall schedule so that those responsible for populating teams can try to take them into account to avoid schedule conflicts.



The registration fee for Fall Little League Baseball is $200.00 for A Ball through Majors and $165.00 for CAP, for those who register by August 21.  After August 21, the registration fee increases $50 per league.


The registration fee for Babe Ruth baseball is $400.00 for those who register by August 21.  After August 21, the registration fee increases to $450.


Please note that your registration is not considered complete until payment of the registration fee is made.  Please also be aware that the Little League website automatically deletes all registrations that are not paid in full within two hours, thereby deregistering your child and preventing us from placing him/her on a team.  If you have unpaid registration fees in respect of any summer baseball program, including Districts teams, your request for registration will be declined, and your child will not be placed on a team until you have paid such outstanding fees. 


If you are applying for financial aid, please be sure you have completed the online registration and selected the financial aid option. Your registration will not be deleted for non-payment.  In order to pursue financial aid, please contact Westport Human Services within a week to set up an appointment to determine if you are eligible.  You can contact WHS via email at: .

 If your child is playing in one of our programs for the first time, you must mail a copy of his/her birth certificate to Westport Little League. In addition, if this is the first time a member of your family is participating in one of our baseball programs, you must also mail proof of residency (such as a utility or phone bill). Please mail these items to:

Westport Little League(P.O. Box 581(Westport CT 06881



 Westport Little League manages programs for hundreds of children each season and we do our best to form balanced teams.  In PK/K, Grades 1 and 2, this also means having at least some children from your child’s school on his/her team.  However, due to the size of our program, the complexity of assembling teams and the volunteer nature of our organization, we will NOT honor requests for children to be placed on the same team at any level other than PK/K and Grades 1 and 2, where we will try to honor some requests. 



 We need parents to volunteer their time to coach Little League baseball teams this fall.  Westport Little League Commissioners will choose one pair of coaches only for each team from among those who have volunteered to coach.  Once teams are announced, each team may add another (league-approved) assistant coach from its roster.  Westport Little League will not accommodate requests for more than two parents to coach together.  If you are interested in coaching or volunteering to help run our programs, please check the appropriate box when registering.   All coaches will be required to pass a background check, have a valid National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) membership and undergo mandatory concussion training prior to the start of the season.



Westport Little League will provide helmets to first time registrants and caged helmets to children playing Westport Little League A ball or older for the first time.



 Refunds will be issued (less a $25 processing fee) before the announcement of team rosters.  After team rosters are announced, refunds will only be issued (on a pro-rata basis) for season-ending injuries with a doctor's note.


If you have any questions about our programs, please refer to the helpful tabs along the left side of our website for more information. You can also ask questions by emailing  .


Welcome to our Westport Little League Baseball website!
Welcome to our Westport Little League Baseball website.  You will find information on baseball for ages 5-12 here.  WLL is a subdivision of Westport Baseball & Softball which also oversees Softball and Advanced Baseball (ages 13-19).  Please see the links above for information on these programs.  Feel free to send us suggestions on the site and our programs on the "Feedback" page.  

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